lunes, 20 de diciembre de 2010

Tequila, dear friend...

Life is like a maze, a long hallway filled with doors, some closed, others open. Also with windows, because when one door closes, a window always opens. It's our fate in life to cross this long hallway, and go on opening doors, while others are closed.

And as I cross the hall, go to my meeting people and characters, all diferent, and a midst all this back and forth that is life, I had the great fortune to meet you.

You, who are unique in your specie, because you streched your hand without asking, because you embraced and welcomed me into your bosom, and more, because you gave me your smile, because you gave me your love, you taught me the way and you taught me to walk, because yu made hell become a paradise. Because only by seeing you I knew you were my soul mate without saying a word. Just you, you gave me moments of happiness without asking. I realize that we have got little in common, ti, it is very likely that I'm not what you expect, because I'm a good cluster of defects with an occasional virtues, but there is something I know for sure, I need your smile, your embreace conciliating I need to spread happiness, I must know you exist.

And, the best way I have to tell you what you mean to me is through a cocktail, I give you to try the Blossom Rita, cocktail undeniable sensuality and elegance with its ingredients, perfectly expresses what you mean to me.

This cocktail was created by Gabriel Orta, mixologist dedicated to food and beverage industry for over 12 years. Among its merits, Gabriel Orta is a cofounder of BAR LAB, and he is the Master Mixologist at the Florida Room of th famous Delano Hotel. Gabriel Orta also introduces molecular details in his creations, and his creations are something exotic and unique.

Blossom Rita ingredients are:

1 ½ oz Tequila Reposado.Tequila is one of the main reasons why I chose this cocktail. The tequila is a drink that speaks very little that has multiple and very peculiar characteristics. Is a product of the destilation and fermentation of the agave, and in particular blue agave. The tequilas are classified as white ( no minimum required), reposado ( at least 2 months in barrel), and aged ( at least 1 year in barrel).

For this occasion, I chose the Herradura Reposado Tequila, being considered one of the best in the worl for its 11 months of aging, which gives this tequila a slightly darker color and very mild flavor, more complexity and subtlety and gives this tequila a few notes of cinnamon, vanilla and oak flavors and subtle suggestive them.

And as already mentioned, the tequila has a number of features that perfectly define what you mean to me. Tequila 100% pure generates no hangover, no depressant, is a drink that also activates the nervous system, has been considered a gift from the Gods, to hold property is attibuted to heal ounds fo any kind. And the latter, the most curious and novel, recent research at the Autonomous University of Mexico, have managed to make diamond tequila, yes it's, what you have just read, diamond tequila!... Just what you are!

¾ oz honey and orange blossom water syrup, honey, where sweeteness and subtle elegance are diluted to perfection in this gold liquid, and orange blossom, the most beautiful word in the dictionary, purity, harmony, nostalgia and affection fragance.

¾ oz lime juice, light acidity that adds a touch of freshness, because too much is not good, neither sweet nor bitter.

A touch of champagne, because you deserve it, the king of wines, the sparkling, gold liquid, bubbles to celebrate I've had the pleasure of having agreed with you in this life.

And as decoration, edible rose petals, passion, love, friendship, all this together in two that's you and me.

The preparation is as follows, add the tequila, lime juice and honey and orange blossom water syrup in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and served in a martini glass with double casting. It adds a touch of champagne and garnish with rose petals.

And here's Blossom Rita, and my heartself thanks because if you're near or so far, if we see us every day or we have never seen us, these are indifferent, I know I can always count on you. Thank you for not walking ahead, as I wouldn't be able to guide you, or behind, as I wouldn't be able to follow you either, thank you for walking to my side and be MY FRIEND.

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