viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011

Mezcal Avocado... Mezcal, you and me.

 Dear diary:
I write you today because I want you share with me this sweet feeling. A delicious and rare flavor, an elixir for many people and a wish for another ones, this aroma called, freedom.
MMmmm!!! I don’t know what’s on the environment today, but the air’s breathing better.

I was oppressed by something for so long time. That thing didn’t allow me to take a bit of air. What’s horror, to be  on tenterhooks!! This constant routine added with external pressures, inevitable  second, possible to handled the first.
Oh, diary! Yesterday I decided to stop the time for a moment... better two, and silence those external pressures. Reconsider and realize that I push the already weakened heart. And above all, make the determination of this pain comes to an end.
And today, finally, I have decided to break with all. Break the routines, the rules, and taste this delicious elixir, this freedom.
MMMMMmmmmmm!! But, how nice I can breathe so! I make a break to urge you to try it.
Dear diary. I have been writting you about my great hidden secrets for so long time. And we still haven’t made appropriate presentations. And this is the perfect moment to do it. I want to explain you who am I, why am I here, and why am I want to go where I want be.
What can I say about me? As there is no other like me, unique in my species. Somebody not be able  to express feelings at first sight.
The first impression that, in general, people have of me is,                                          ....................., nothing, absolutely nothing, I concluded that, in the most Darwinian style, I have developed a system to supress all emotion, if we also add my tactic of interacction with society, “ The ostrich strategy” ( When I'm in a situation of threat, or in unfamiliar territory, searching for place to hide the head).
Well, you can imagine the shell that I carry.

Few, very few people dare to look that is behind the armor I wear... And, according to them, I’m not like the first thing that you could see. Nobody can imagine what’s behind this wrapper tissue that I weave around me... Well, precisely that’s inside myself, it’s me.
I’ve got it! How do I define myself? I'm like the mezcal
An spirit that, as well as typical drink from Oaxaca ( Mexico) and made from different types of agaves, is the perfect drink for pass the great and bad moments.
An ancient beverage, that until recently was in exile in oblivion. With dull appearance, that only who dare to try it can enjoy with the happiness that  the mezcal has got. Nobody knows why, but they feel an odd wellness feeling and state of grace when they know its flavor and aroma.
What can I say about I left? I appreciate what you have given me, and grateful heart is. I’m an human, I don’t forget many moments, friends, laughter... good times in short, that I only could have  lived beside you.
But, today I realized that the rest of my life starts now, and it starts so far away from here. Each change to come, have to leave certain things behind, no matter how dear they are.
I must to be firm with the determination to turn the page, because now I start to write a new one.
Uuufff!!! Too much air makes me thirsty. So, excuse me for a minutes, I’m going to  make a cocktail, and of course I invite you to taste it.
Well, let me see... Great, I’ve got it! An Mezcal Avocado, a cocktail created by Junior Merino, from New York. Where in 2006 founded The Liquid Chef, a liquid lab made to learn and show the world the Junior Merino’s work, and his high knowledge about spirits, and flavors, and the mixing posibilities.
The ingredients:
Scorpion Mezcal, in other words, it’s me. Although many people knows me better than others, there’s something remains immutable, my essence. Insipidus outside, but you can't stop, at least know, what is behind that gray layer.
Agwa, coca leaves liqueur. the Bolivian coca leaves are selected and send to Amsterdam, where are crushed to remove the coca’s alkaloids. Then are added guarana and ginseng, for contribute an exotic taste.
Energy vitality to accept the new steps that are to come into my life.
Cointreau. One of the quintessential orange liqueur. Vitamin C, I don’t need it, but sure I can give you this vitamin that you need.
Fresh lemon juice. An acid touch, because I realize it isn’t easy what is looming, and increasingly is, there in the horizon of my destiny.
Agave nectar. The healthier alternative to sugar, no excess sweetness synthetic. The best way to start a stage without veils. With accurate and firm steps.

Honey. Other good alternative to sugar. Because that’s life, never stagnate, always go ahead.
Avocado. Although it looks a rare ingredient for a cocktail. Avocado is the best ingredient to get a high quality of life thanks to its properties.
We rimmel the high ball glass with nopal’s deshydrated salt. A typical Mexician vegetable, with many properties for the health, among them, to help control diseases such as lung, diabetes... We must to have present that’s the real life could be hard. And any help that we'll be weak. Have a clear goal and go for it without stopping to look at the sides.
We add all the ingredients into the mixer, and mix until smooth.
We put the liquid into the glass, and garnish with a bail leaf, it used since ancient times to give welfare to our destination.
How to express that I know that I belong from here?
Because there is little to leave behind me nor do I reject.
I don’t know, maybe you call it instict, unconsciousness maybe... I would like to call intuition, because I just know, for sure, you need somebody, and I'm such person. This is where I start to write this new blank page that opens before me.
And so, I drink little by little this Mezcal Avocado. Step by step, I set the pace, but I go into my future firmly.

sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

"Spontaneity". A tale of prince, princess... and frogs.

Are you sick of kissing frogs? Tired that prince and princess become frogs, to live in a constant disenchantment.
It could be any story, although it could be your story, because it tells about daily things of life. So my guest for this moment, you pay attention me, let me try that something move inside you... your heart.
At first, like in all good story, a good start to present all the characters.

The prince or princess: These is the person that the star ( you) has just idealized. The person who brush the ethereal, he/she hasn’t got deffects, all is absolutely marvelous in he/she. Any discordant note cloud his appareance. The star adores the prince.
It doesn’t care if the prince are curt and austere, his quality are on maximum grade.
There are 60 ml. of gin. And without further ado, I choose Junipero Gin, made in San Francisco, a gin with a great purity where the dry taste is the predominant... And the main reason, only the person that tastes it, knows it.
The frog: To this character, many people get it by different ways.
Usually, the people was born with frog form and I doesn’t care the number of kisses you could give him, because it doesn’t change his form.
And Sometimes, the prince become a frog, probably, the prince allways was a frog, and with time the star know about the  wart of the prince, and the start begin to litsen the typical croak. I have got the real theory tha the frog essence allways was present into the prince, he could hide it, but soon or later the essence get to go to the exterior.
We only must to garnish, garnish and more garnish... And let the time pass. And we must to try different combinations, taste and look the prince over differents points of the prisme. 
We could garnish, for example, with 30 ml of Velvet Falernum, a simple syrup from Barbados, tradicionally using to get more flavor to rum cocktails. But Velvet Falernum has been rediscovering for mixology because is a perfect garnish to many other beverage, like gin or bourbon.
The Velvet Falernum gives lime, almond, ginger and cloves aromas to your cocktails.
The kisses: Although there aren’t present into the story as much as amount the two first charecters, there are essential too, because there are into the story, although it’s only a moment, or a dash.
The kisses of this story are:
One kiss is a risk, a flavor that we’re tasting on every cocktail that we make. We give kisses because we want to do it, and with them we give a bit of ourselves to somebody.
Of course, there are too many kind of kisses. And the sort of kisses of our story, are the next:
The First kiss, 2 pcs of Shisu leafs. Essential ingredient in orienta cuisine, for its characteristic flavor, smooth, strong and fresh at the same time. It’s a popular belief that the shisu leafs protect our organism of intoxications.
Oriental philosophy, zen attitude for external attacks. Accept the risk, allways with sure steps, you mustn’t get frightened for any wart that we could find on the way. And, although in appearance, we can’t show this self-confidence, it doesn’t care, the most important thing is recognize it in ourselves, and it go outside only at the correct moment. 
The Second kiss, two dashes of Peychaud’s Bitters. The bitter kiss of the truth, there are these kisses which we bring with all our illusion, where we put all our heart in it, and then these are as bitter as the Peychaud..
Peychaud’s Bitter was created on 1830 by the chemist Antoine Amédée Peychaud, in New Orleans. It's like Angostura Bitter, but Peychaud has got a softer flavor than Angostura. These bitters have got a high alcoholic graduation. Peychaud’s bitter was created like a medicine, the same of Angostura, due to its high bitter notes, it become in a essential and traditional ingredient in cocktails.
The Third kiss, 25 ml. of fresh lime juice, the freshly flavor of these rogue kisses, in other words, the funny play of seduction, that apport us, vitality, illusion, definitely they are a part of the oil’s life.
And, the Fourth and last kiss of this story, a dash of sesame oil, the best medicine for miocardial dicesases... Perfect! A touch of sesame for our broken heart, because we must to start to careless it, and the best we must to start ourselves.
And here’s the story, one about princes, frogs and kisses:
When it comes to kissing, it should to be noted that’s a singular risk. Because we put a piece of our heart at the mercy of others. Somebody put more, sombody put less, the truth is most of us have ever been tired of kissing frogs.
At first, everybody looks like handsome princes or sweet princess that they dazzle us with their charms. They make us see mirages and we give our kisses with no doubt an instant, but, once given the kiss, we have got a high possibility that all charming and sweetness become on another thing, very different than the beginning...
Faced with such high dishonor, many of us say the same phrase, something like that: “ Never again!”. By this way we close our broken heart, we refuse to give a kiss again, Without realizing that by this way our heart becomes unsociable. It’s very probably our heart never will be hurt by other people, but I ensure you it isn’t more devastating than to live with a heart which is dying by seconds and we don’t make something to avoid it, because in it grow a potion that finally runs over our body and soul.
For this cases, tells the leyend the best thing is a concoction, and what’s better than a cocktail, like this Spontaneity, created by Alex Kratena from Artesian Bar, in Langham Hotel, London.  Now I’ll make an interruption to say it was a pleasure to meet Alex, not only for enjoying with his cocktails, but his simpaty... So, pleased to meet you, Alex!
Well, comming back to the drink, Spontaneity, perfect for this strong moments, because it contents all the characters of this story, the goods and the bads, all mixed in perfect balanced. 
So, we add all the ingredients unless the sesame oil, in a shaker with ice... And, shake well, then we pour the drink into a chilled martini glass. Finally garnish, and then the repart is complete, float ( a dash) of sesame oil.
So now, you drink it, drink it, instead I try to make understand to your rough heart, There isn’t bad without good. The bad things, if any time ago was a good thing, you've worthed  to live it, although it’s passed only a moment.
So you don’t close your heart and kiss again, although they last only an instant, they make it worth having met you.
Psst, psst, I haven’t finished yet... Although you can’t believe it, I know many people have rejected your kisses, but... maybe there’s somebody who dies for one of your kisses.

martes, 12 de abril de 2011

The stig... Please, outta here!!!

Who has not ever felt the urgent need to shout: “ Please. Outta here!!!”.
All of us have passed these inevitable stages of life in which we would like to runaway. Start  running and don’t stop until we were away from where we are stuck.
Those stages in our monotonies daily , which until recently gave us shelter, start to be a real nightmares.
Times in which we realiza that today is the same like yesterday, and we are sure tomorrow won’t be different next day.
Have you ever imagined to be feeling those little dolls that are in those glass balls filled with water, and when you shake it seems that snow inside?
It must be distressing, be there in the middle of nowhere, where nothing happens, everybody can see you but nobody can look that you may be feeling, and they can't see the despair's running through your veins; and to top, none of those who see you, have any intention to lend a hand to get out of there. Everybody shake and shake this damn ball where you’re condemned to live... It’s awful, with what I dizziness!... The maximum phrase that it could runs through their heads is: “ Outta here!!”.

One way to alleviate the despair is create a imaginary world, it’s  a way to flight of this nightmare that has become life, and dream that someday the tide will change, someone breaks the glass ball that has become our routine.

And to imagine is what this story.
Imagine that there was a cocktail when we drink it, had the property to take away from here... Yes, I know that it seems a stupid thing that I’m exposing, but... if it could be possible?
The bartender serves you a cocktail with a letter with the next phrase: “ Drink me”, and when we drink it... pronto! Having the opportunity to go away of this ball and live., although we fail it, although it’s a mistake. Because the life consists on the next: to go out and make mistakes, take risks. Lose to win.
And many people need that push of magic, to take the first step toward the rest of their lives, if they don’t want to get caught in a reality dissatisfied.
A magic cocktail... Let me see, let me see, uumm... I have it! The Stig,, 

a cocktail created in 2006, by Simon Difford, The Cabinet Room, London. At first time is named “St-G”, by the St. Germain liquor’s cap. And then it was named “ The Stig”, by the misterious pilot of TV serie “ Top Gear”.
The Stig, a cocktail with a special brand, so sure that is what has something magical for get us out of here.
The ingredients of this magic cocktail are:
3/4 oz of Boulard Grand Solage Calvados: Yes, sir! The perfect ingredient that we need to become magical cocktail.
Imagine... Normady, north of France. A place where the grapes no growth... but they have got apples!! Because where a door closes, always a window opens, We just have to look for windows, and take the value to go across.
In 1825, Pierre- Auguste Boulard, founded a distillery, Boulard, one of the most famous wineries producing Calvados.
Calvados is an spirit, tasty and aromatic. Of which four different varieties: sweet, bitter, bitter-sweet, and acid.
The Pays d’Auge district, is considered like the best production zone of Calvados.
The harvest time is in October-December. Once collected, and after a completely handmade and slow process, the Calvados is obtained.
The Calvados is aged in oak barrels, Boulard is requirement, store the Calvados three years minimum. Although it’s aged for more time. Finally is blended with Calvados of different age to obtain, the complex, deeply and character that we want.
Tells the leyend, Calvados is a decline of “ saved”. The story tells that a Felipe II’s Armada ship ( El Salvador), which is shipwrecked on the Noram coast. The name of Calvados is designed to two mounds that servin as a reference for  sailors.
3/4 oz of Macchu Pisco: Made with a non-aromatic breaks grape variety. Also prepared respecting ancient methods. This pisco wants to spread the spirit of adventure that’s inspired. Because, what’s the life without adventure? It has got an easy answer, the nightmare that we have made it.
1 oz of St. Germain: Unique elderflower liquor. Also prepared following a traditional formula, where the elderflowers and white grape spirit are mixed. This singular flower, has got an aroma and taste delicious. Strangely enjoyable, this flower please the most demanding palates. And, the most remarkable, the cleansing properties of the elderflower. In front of changes, the cleansing is the first step, break with the past to start a new future.
Of course, St. Germain liquor is a real elixir that can carry you far away than your imagination can let you go.
1 oz of Sauvignon Blanc wine: This strain produces dry white wines with soft and medium body, and balanced acid. Persistent on nose and mouth.
Although there are discret wines, and somthing common for some. They make that you love their fresh senses.
Method of preparation as follows:
Stir all the ingredients in a mixing glass with ice, to cool and mix the ingredients over and over again. Serve into a martini glass. Garnish with a lime twist, cool, cool, and more cool. Because this is the best way to face up to life.

.... And if it’s true... I oxygen is scarce in this world of glass. This, my world, where nothing happens, where I can’t ear... where I can’t feel... Oh, my God!... Please, somebody invite me to The Stig!!.

miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

Negroni... SOS: I need a singal

It’s a very complicated topic to express our feelings. I could write pages and pages, expressing my opinion, writting stories. But when it comes to feelings... Wow! That’s is another story, maybe we should have to be made a special paste to express feelings easily. I must to recognize that to put my heart on third hands, it should be the age things, but older becomes one, it’s hardest. And it isn’t selfishness, and it isn’t neglect. Just I’m tired, that everybody make it smithereens, every time I open it and starts beating.

We live surrounded by signals, all around us are issued without us noticing. And I don’t know if this also happens to you ,but, sometimes, we met with people who don’t emit signals. It produces me a great bewilderment. And I’m on this state at the moment, for this reason, I tell you I need a signal.

When our feelings are at stake, in almost all times the words fall short. Or simply they are accumulated in our heads, unable to go outside. Personally, when I get the courage to show outside these words that cost me to pronounce, I’d like to emphasize them

with metaphors, for eample, with cocktails, drinks... and flowers. So this is my way of giving life to the feelings.

For example, a Negroni, but it isn’t a vulgar negroni, this is my Negroni, because I finally gathered the courage to tell you that, I need a sign.

This is my Negroni, where the classic and the modern are unified. A perfect harmony, to make you know that my kingdom for a glance of your eyes. I only need to feel the soft breath of you on my skin to make me fell

alive. I can’t imagine I’d feel with the touch of your fingers on my skin.

This is a charming cocktail, created earlier 1919, in Florence, at Cassoni Cafe, by the barman Fosco Scarcelli. Who created the negroni for the asking of Count Camilio

Negroni, because he was tired of his favorite cocktail, the Americano cocktail.

The ingredients of this special Negroni, are:

Geranium Gin: A gin created by Henrik Hammer, who, after many studies have succeeded in extracting the essential oils of geranium, and combinate it with the juniper, lemon, coriander, cassis, angelica, licuorice, between other botanicals.

Destilled in Birmingham, in Langley Distillery. Henrik has achieved an amazing gin,

with the exact touch of London Dry Gin, but with discreets notes of geranium; so it becomes a aromatic, round and complex, definetly.

Geranium to tell you that I like you over all things; I would give everything I own because your eyes were for me, for a kiss from you.

Campari: With bitter taste, as bitter is the expected, with this quiet around me.

Campari, characteristic passion red color, is a recipe which has remained unchanged since its creation, which is jealously hidden, only few people know the exact ingredients, its between 20 and 60 ingredients.

And so quiet, in many times I only want to scream, for at least hear my echo, and know I continue in the alive world, and I don’t if in the sane world yet.

For this reason, because it was so long ago maddening unbearable stillness, because I need some movement. for such reason, I ask you a signal.

Carparo Antica Formula:

The ideal sweet aperitive, to make classical cocktails. “ The red velvet” called too. Place skin-deep emotions, risking my neck under the guillotine, that only you can operate. But I’ll take the risk, because I want that you know I’m dying to have something with you.

Some of the ingredients of this aperitive are vanilla, spices, nuts, orange peel and a few tabasco notes. A gorgeous and original mix witha spicy touch. Definetily a lush and unabashed temptation. So let your imagination runs free and send me a singal.

The method of preparation... At the bottom, I’m a classic girl and I like things the old way, but with a little personal touch. In old fashioned glass, with two ice cubes maximum, sgtraight into

the glass, you add all the ingredients in the same proportion. Garnish with a lemon slice... Well, no, wait, I think it’s better with a modern,

minimalism and discret touch... the most suggestive way of seducind... A pinch of dried crystals sprinkled Campari.

Well, this is my signal, my way to ask you... yes, yes, it’s you, although you don’t know, or we never have seen us, I refer specifically to you; no, nooo... don’t turn your head looking for anybody around you... I need your signal!

So, let your imagination runs free, take value and, PLEASE, send me a singal.

My signal is the Negroni, what’s your signal?

lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

A " Promissory Note", please... A stiff drink.

I need a stiff drink!

Ahh!! These moments in which if anybody poke us, they couldn’t get even a drop. Moments in which the life brings us a sharp blow, a disappointment. Or simply, situations that are beyond our knowledge, that produce us a great impotence because we can’t know hot to deal wiht them.

These cases invite us to sit, to take a break in the world, to assimiltate what’s happening around us. In this cases, I would like to drink a strong cocktail, a drink that apports us energy and postivity, that brings up... I have it! A “Promissoty Note” cocktail, created by Daniel Hyatt, from Alembiq Bar. It’s a short but strong drink, with good body. And, while I stop my world, and I taste this cocktail, I want to give you some suggestions about how to take those moments that leave us in one piece.

An ideal ingredient for such situations, ginger. With a spicy flavor and smell, exotic and aromatic, and there is a good organism stimulant too, and there let the body temperature higher, and many different health benefits... This just we need in such hard moments, when we don’t know what to do.

And without further delay:

For you, because I can’t understand you, maybe you can’t understand me. Or just, because we want to understand. Let me take a sit and drink this, "Promissory Note”.

Personally, something that escapes my hands in a disproportionate, my interaction with the environment. For more than I think looking for reasons and theories, I concluded that I’m overlooking something... Is this issue was in college and I didn’t attend that day? When we were coming world with a book that I lost and don’t remember where I left?...

But to go with the cocktail because I want to start to taste it. The Promissory Note recipe are:

1 Part of Domaine de Canton. A French ginger liqueur, inspired by the French tradition of strengthen and fresh sweet e

lixir with BRANDY or cognac, in this case,

the alcoholic base are VSOP and XO cognacs. Its name was inspirated by Canton, in colonial Indochina.

In this liquor elitist, is made in an absotutely craft, is achieved merge the mistery and sensuality of the East, with the European romanticism; and it seasons with essences of the five continents. It’s made with fresh Vietnamese ginger, half caramelize and half raw, in other way, macerated with honey from Provence, vanilla of Haití, Tunisian ginseng, among other exotic herbs.

Domaine de Canton is a liqueur with its own personality, that will give to cocktails a wide range of flavors and sensations... It provides different ways of understanding life. Other views and specially a personal touch to do it.

Open your mind to tolerate to all around us, but to some extent. It will I have little patience, or simply because I have already

endured enough. But the truth, it’s I’m not for foolishness. And as much as you ornament and put translucent veils of reality; This one won’t longer be there... And very little that you like, I can tolerated. But I can say “ Stop!” and “ I don’t like this one”.

3/4 Part. of Reposado El Tesoro Don Julio Tequila. A soft and exquisite tequila with wood notes. According to the law regulating the tequila, for ti to be considered “ Reposado” must be aged a minimum

of two months in barrel.

Don Julio Reposado El Tesoro Tequila is aged between eight and eleven months is oak barrels. This tequila is distingueshed perfectly the essence of agave, that’s harmoniously blended with floral notes.

Its initial taste is very smooth, and it will take the body in the mouth due to its strong sweetness, which is shaded by oak and alcohol.

Tequila, the only alcoholic beverage no depressive. Positive attitude towards all adversity.

That one’s gorge to sweet lies, it doesn’t matter, I have got enough sanity to see the reality.

You only want to me to listen your problems, it doesn’t matter, I’ll find someone to share good times and forget problems.

That I sin of surly and frivolous, because I tell you I can’t believe your lies and that you’ll hold another... Yes, maybe. I’m what I am, what’s up? At least, I’m more me and less like the rest.

3/4 Part of vermouth seco. Without brand, It doesn’t care ts procedence, and the part of yourself where get out; but determination.. If

something doesn’t like you, or it doesn’t convince , you mustn’t to settle.

Seek and pursue what you really want, never settle. The best way to achieve our goals.

A barspoon of honey. Never let you down failure. Don’t look like tripping obstacles,

Always be yourself, without stepping on anyone.

A dash of absinthe. Yes, this one, to finish with strength and madness, it lets us to cope with the reality.

Production method, into mixing glass, stir and serve in a cocktail glass. A lime Squeeze and spirnkle cinnamon, cool humor, acid and suggestive; a recurrent form to take the things.

Garnish with a radish slice, because it’s the cruel reality, I care you a damm.


martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

Sweet Moai: almost an angel.

Let me be carried allon the pesimism on my environvent. For this time, I make myself the next question, what are the six worst things that it could happen me in only one day?

And plunging me into the prevalling negativity in the ambient, I concluded.................

...........Hi! Is there anybody there?... Well, at first I present myself, I’m Ciro. Before to begin, I want to say sorry to interrupt the author of this blog. But I assure you, nobody better than me to write about the five worst things that could happen in only one day.

I forgot to say a little detail, I’m dead. A few days ago I left the living world, and well, now I’m not sure how to define myself. I guess I’m kind of celestial body, or something like this. I’m alive, I’m sure about that, but I don’t know if I’m in heaven or hell, or in the middle. In fact, I¡m not even sure of my time in this state... there are the things of eternity.

Like the girl who I just interrupted, I’ve always been passionate about cocktails and mixology. So, following her action protocol, I invite to anyone who wants to read this story, to taste an ideal cocktail for the occasion, a Sweet Moai.

The Sweet Moai Cocktail was created by Alessandro Paiva, from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. And the author’s blog “ Cocktail pour mes amis”, where further explains and describes his creations, unique and fascinating all of them, in a very original way.

Returning to the cocktail that I want you to try. There are two features that attracted me to it. The first one, its alcohol base, the pisco, exactly; The Capel Moai Reserve Pisco. This chilean pisco, this drink is made from muscatel pisco grapes and aged in american oak. It is

amber intense color, fruity aroma and hints of wood. Something characteristic of this pisco is its bottle, which emulate a Moai statue. typical from Pascua Islands. It’s believed tha the Polinesian inhabitants between the s. XII and s. XVII, built these representing their deceased ancestors, so they project their among their offspring. It’s me.

The second one, there are two cocktails in one. The good things vs. the bad things, intertwined as if they were one. Two different ways to face the same issue. This is what I want to expose.

The ingredients of this cocktail are:

2 oz. of Capel Moai Reserve Pisco.

6 oz of juice.

1/2 oz of lime juice.

3 coffee spoons of sugar.

* We’ll make two kind of juices, to present two cocktails with the same base into two tasting

glasses. One of them, with blackberries and plums, high antioxidant

power, and perfect combination of sweet and sour taste slightly sweet and nice one.

And the other one, with pear and pinneapple; Vitamin C, the symbol of elegance and hospitality. together with a sweet, delicate and smooth.

Now we have got the cocktail, so, let us go. Don’t waste so much time to complain, and you take the time to seek a solution.

As for tastes there is nothing written. To each one chooses either the most delicious. Well, take first the less you feel like... Let’s go! Taste it instead I tell you the day when I passed the five worst things in only one day... All of them in only one day!

I remember when I still lived, I was a pesimist person. Now, when I can see the energy given off by living, I could say than I gave off negative energy by every pore of my skin. I collapsed for any little thing, to interrupt my monotonous and structured life. I was always complaining about everything. Without realizing, the only thing I was getting with this repeat attitude, was to attract more negative energy of the bouncing. And that’s what happened that day...

“ I woke up startled because of a nightmare. My heart beat to 1000 per hour,

(... Oh! How I miss that feeling!... Well, let’s go!)... How I hated waking up because of a nightmare! At next, I checked my watch to see how much was for it to sound the

alarm... HORROR!!! There was nine o’clock in the morning! Just the hour when I should be at work for an very important meeting, because my future in the company depended on it... The alarm had not sounded!... How I hated waking up and realizing that I had fallen asleep.

I jumped out of bed, I went to the bathroom as fast as I could and... Nooooo!! I had cut the water. How I hated go to take a shower in a hurry and don’t have got water!

I managed me the best I could and I rushed to work. To see what he could salvage from the meeting. I really don’t know what speed was, but I arrived in record time.

Upon entering, there I found the faces of my bosses. Uf! I still hurts to remember those factions tenses, to frown, without outlining the slightest smile... Yes, you can imagine it. They dismissed me, in a company like that couldn’t allow so great lack of responsability and discipline. I wasn’t worthy of belonging to its team.

Well so I went, cursing this day, which should not have gotten out of bed.

I got in the car and left the place, where I had spent sweat and tears. I went home, with the day I wore was the best option, be covered for any other adversity. Here I wait for Marta, my girlfriend, came back to grieve at home. I opened the door, and, how strange! I could hear noises in the bedroom. The first thing I thought, thieves, what I needed!! As I walked cautiously into the room, I rule out that possibility, because I didn’t believe that thieves were so noisy. When I reached the door, I breathed deeply, I took the plunge, I turned the doorknob, and... But, but, Marta!? Alvaro!? Marta and Alvaro!? But what does this mean? To which Marta replied, “ Weren’t you in a meeting?” , and then Alvaro said, “ Dear friend, this isn’t what it seems”. I felt a mixture of anger and impotence... honestly, I felt stupid. The only thing I thought was out of this place...

I left my home. I climbed into my car, and I drove aimlessly. I can’t remember well the time spent. I stopped in front of a bar, and I came into this. I sat at the bar and ordered a drink.

I dedicated to look every people around me, I needed to entertain my thoughts... “ Certainly”, I thought, “ Look who is clumsy the waitress!!”, I didn’t finish to think it, when the waitress dropped the drink over my cool jacket, my new jacket... Useless, she had left it useless!! ... The bartender, he was waiting at the scene, and noted the state of tension in which I was. So he began to wonder...

I saw the doors open! Someone to relieve my pains... I cried, I continued to cry... and continued.

Finally the bartender invited me to a cocktail, a “Sweet Moai”... “ But, what is this cocktail? What is it mean?”. The bartender answered me, “ It’s an special cocktail, because there are two cocktails in one. I want to show you something. Drink both, and then tell me which you chosen at first time, and which in second time”. I accept and I took them both by a single shot, and then I answered him, “ At first time I drunk which taste like pinneapple, at first sight the less I liked it. And at second time, I drunk the blackberry tasted, the most atractive for me.

To which he replied, “ And if you try to take it backwards? Like in life, you should try to see the positive side of things. Or at least not sweat into the negative things. Don’t waste

so much time to complain, and take the time to seek a solution, or at least another option. Thus, you start to attract positive energy to you. If you always test first evil, only in a few moments you could try the positive flavor, because you have been the bad aftertaste... Is a better way to take life. Don’t you think?”

What a brunch of crap, I thought it. So I weht to that place where it was clear I couldn’t continue crying.

I got into my car, again. And runaway at full speed. Let’s go! I would say to me just anyone how to take life, just what I need to finish the day. I know exactly how to face life. In adition, what stupid way to give life lessons with a cock.... BOOOMMMM!!!!!

I was so focused on complaining about the “ Sweet Moai”, I didn’t see the truck that threw over me.

Obviously, I didn’t survive.

And, from that moment, I realized all the wasted moments, of all the fears that I imposed. All I realized that everything that happens in life has a solution. Everything but death, sorry have realized too late..............

...... Hey! What hapenned? Oh, oh, I think I lost the saints to heaven. As much as I try, I can’t remember the topic I wanted to write...

jueves, 24 de febrero de 2011

A bramble, ten reasons to life... And one reason to leave you

I know this title seems the song’s title, but it’s further from reality. The story I tell you is a statement of intentions. A reasons’ range that something for everyone, that you don’t know if I have written if you don’t read to the end.

To start, I go to get a good ambient for this post. I invite you to drink a Bramble. A cocktail created by Dick Bradsell, on the Fred’s Club at the Soho ( London), in the late 80’s.

The Bramble cocktail recipe is:

  • 2oz. of Tanqueray n. 10. A good cup ( infusion) of citrus, a good supply of Vitamin C. The best thing to get vitality and positive energy. Tanqueray n. 10 is a premium gin of fourth destilation. On its fourths destiltation, the gin was infusionated with citrus, like grapefruit, orange and lime. All of them perfectly mixed with the juniper and chamomile touch. this is a great purity gin with a characteristic softly taste. A gin with sweet personality, and smooth, freshly and citrus aroma. Barely noticeable characteristic flavor from juniper.
  • 1 1/4 oz. of Lime juice, not only bring us fresh, it will help our nervous system to achieve the necessary balance on limit situtations
  • 1/4 oz. of sugar syrup, tenderness and affection.
  • 1/4 oz of Chambord, blackberries liquor for excellence. This liquor, one of the delights heritage of France. It’s the best of its category, not only for its taste, but for its iconic image, as its characteristic bottle was designed in honor of Louis XIV, who introduced this liquor into Chambord’s Castle at one of his travels. This liquor contains of blackberry, cognac, honey, Madagascar vanilla, and citrus peel. Louis XIV was a great representative of luxury and the good life, the same banners of Chambord.

Preparation method: fill an old fashioned glass whith crushed ice. Add gin, lime juice and sugar syrup into a shaker. Shake well and serve into the glass with double cast method.

To finish a dash of Chambord and garnish with a blackberry.

And, that’s all! Now, sit down, relax... and take a moment to enjoy this drink instead you’re reading the next story:

A moment! How long is exactly “ a moment”? A moment is a temporary measure of the Ancient Roman Empire, it’s during a minute and a half, so one hour has got forty moments. But it takes much less of a moment to change your life.

Many people, by whims of fate, their lifes suffer dramatic twists, tearing every bit of happiness.

People forced to live in extreme situations, and cornered at the edge of an abyss.

I know, when anybody is at this edge, threre aren’t consolation words, no tenderness that calm the pain.

When I look through your eyes,

which full of pain and grief, in its purest form. It invades me of impotence. It’s one of the few times that I’m speecheles. So, the only thing that I can do is invitate you to this bramble, and bring you, the next list with many reasons to live.

there are infinite reasons, and the truth reasons, you’re the only one that have it. But I give you the next for

guide you.

  1. Because the sun shines every morning. Always with the same enlighten yearns for life.
  2. What’s the life without a smile? And the most important, yet... What’s the life without your smile. With your smile, you get to touch the heart of everybody around you.
  3. Because every morning there are, almost one, reason for wake up... you find them, all of them are inside you.
  4. Because here you have got my shoulder, for you lean on it, for you cry on it.
  5. Because the life is a show, which must go on always. And you must to keep the force to be in there.
  6. Because life is more beautiful since you’re in it.
  7. Because life isn’t only to be, but enjoy, suffer, laugh, cry. You just have to enjoy the most of the good times and rising up every time that life bring down you.
  8. Because here you have got my hand, for everytime you need a help to continue.
  9. Because, ALL OF US, everywhere we are, hope from heart to see you smile.
  10. And the most important, the real reason is you you must have strength to find them and to fight for them.

And there arethe last part, a reason to leave you. Who can’t value me, who can’t look beyond what your eyes can see. Wow! This is the most difficult part. At first, a great sip of this delicious bramble. Come on! Let me try it!... Well, now I’ better. Let’s go... Guy, I can’t stand you!! I prefer an eternity alone, than a moment more with you. Well now that I am beginning to live.

Ciao, bello!