miércoles, 16 de febrero de 2011

A kaleidoscope under my skin

Today is a rare day. This post isn’t like always. You don’tread about any cocktail, or any liquor or spirit. This story is full of colors, flavors, and overcoat, essences.

I look to myself, I see my hands, my face. And the only thing that I can see, it’s the pale color of my skin. What’s rare! How can so an inexpressive skin contain too many color, life and sensations at the same time? The red

one runs through my vains, but, I’ve got the hope green, the innocence pink, the peaceful blue, the acid

yellow, the black one... oh, my God, those black days!

Under this common layer that cover myself, like a shield, all the colors of rainbow beat into me. I’m a kaleidoscope of feelings and emotions, it’s

turning with no stop, obtaining differents forms and combinations, that it makes my essence.

So this essence is convulsed within relentlessly, because it craves to go abroad with terrible despair.

Well, of everybody around me, they are very few who manage to capture my essence, because most of them, fail to see beyond the color of my skin.

And the colors and scents will this story. How an insignificant and current appearance thing, can keep in it like cluster of sensations and colors, turning and turning endlessly shaping a soul.

Like Finest Call purees and premixers, with dull and artificial appearance. They are proving that ther are a high quality product, and are entering the market breakneck speed.

At firt sight gives the impression of a typical sinthetic product, the only thing that will are add chemical t

aste and subtract quality to your cocktails.

This reminds me of my car... Yes, my car, now you know why

This is my car...

Common and vulgar vehicle as they come. Not a decorative item, except the various frictions that give away my dificulty to adapt to their measures, and a few problems whit parkings columns.

But don’t be lied by this external appearance, it’s the interior...

At the moment you sit inside it, wow! How my car can changes!!

It has got heart and soul’ s porsche. The essence that my car transmits, is what seduces me to it. And I know for sure that I have chosen well.

My proposal for this occasion, is as follows. Let your kaleidoscopes turn free, show your colors and shapes, definitely your essence, and don’t lose it for afraid to stay alone. Because your external appearance is a shell that won’t matter, because there are someone that will see your essence.

Don’t prejudge, or underestimate those around us, no matter how they look insipid.

Give them a chance to show its essence, color and flavor. I assure you that many times you have earned a pleasant surprise.

Finest Call Products, thanks to the hard work of Radical Bartending School, they are getting a foothold in the Spanish market, http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002036580154. And to begin, Finest Call collaborate with ABE in 16 competitions across the country.

And you know that however hard the path, it doesn’t care if you are peach, strawberry or raspberry. The most important thing is it’s you, 100% nature. And that approach only who truly appreciate your taste.

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