jueves, 3 de febrero de 2011

Monkey tail... coffee things

Today is one of these days where I don't want to be.

One of these days days when I become melancholy. Suddenly, my head runs to the hidden corners of myself, almost forgotten corners... Today is a day when “ The things that I want to do before I die list”, come back to my memory. A list full of dreams, projects, whishes... full of little coffee things.

MMMmmm... cafeine, I love cafeine! I understand the reason why it's so adictive. Since the moment that you taste, who can resist its charms?

In our tireless attempts to put the end over this adiction, as much as we try the typical phrase of: “ … never again!” , later or soon, we fall in the temptation again.

In my opinion. It's a pleasure to fall in the aroma, in the flavor, in the stimulating spirit, in the well-being condition of the coffe... taste it, smell it... although it's during only one moment... better it's two, but it's worth I have enjoyed of this little coffee things.

Although, there's no accounting for tastes. I think I'm a selective cafeine addict, I don't agree with any coffee. It must to like me. I look for quality, not for quantity. I'm a pet, not a flock.

And if I consider that one type of coffee won't convince me, I quit it, I always set very high standars.

Today I want some cafeine, I would like to enjoy of a good coffee, I'd like to make coffee things, like this Monkey tail.

In mixology, the coffee is an inspirational ingredient, aromatic, only the aroma can produces a pleasure and well-being condition in us, it's very difficult to explain, and it's impossible to runaway from there... Does this sensation sounds you? What's remember you?

In other terms, the coffee is an ingredient that in mixology get very great results, we can get a wide of flavors and perceptions very lovely and curious, you only should dare to try it.

The coffee combinated with other ingredients, can obtain many added sensations that we never though to get it...

The monkey tail, is a chilean typical cocktail, that thanks to the amazing taste is an ideal cocktail for all the year. After much deliberation, I have decided that, disposed to make coffee things, each of us must to put our personal sign, our essence. So I have created my personal version of I want to be this, monkey tail.

So, the ingredient of this, my monkey tail cocktail, are:

  • 1 inch of cinnamon stick. The afrodisiac through all the times... to get the libido higher.

  • 1 inch of vanilla pod. Smooth aroma, that it gives a special, discret and gorgeous touch. The vanilla likes much more, how more discret is its taste... The seduction isn't a show, it's an insinuation.

  • 4 cloves. Strong aroma, spicy and deep. The clove produces a possitive effect and stimulating, it strengthens the memory, and it relieves depressing situations... And, it repels the insects... Interesting thing, undesirable flies, go out!

  • 2 oz of Pisco. All of us know the war between Chile and Perú about the origin of this ancestral spirit, that it stars to be known over the world. I don't decant for any country. I only recognize that in Chile and Peru, make pisco of very high quality. I like both. On this cocktail, it gives an original, lovely and misterious... for we get to enjoy of this cafeine dosis.

So this is a chilean cocktail, I have chosen a chilean pisco, the Tres Erres Pisco Special 35º. A pisco with superior quality. An amberine color, with a soft wood flavor, and, vanila and almond notes. But it doesn't make shadow to Alejandría grapes taste, the basic ingredient of the pisco. This pisco has a very delicated distilled process, and aged in American oak casks.

  • 1 oz. of Kalhúa, thte coffee liquor king, from Mexico. It makes with arabic coffee grains, it's

very characteristic for the aroma and real coffee taste, and for the dense and soft flavor.

  • And, of course! 1 oz of hot espresso coffee. Intense aroma of coffee in the most pure state. The soul of this cocktail.

The preparation, easy and for enjoy it, is the next:

At first we muddled the cinnamon, the vanilla, the cloves and the pisco on the shaken... we muddled in a strong way, but smooth too; with energy, but with cuddle; to extract and mix all the exotic aromas and flavors' storm, and delicious. We must to do slowly, but with perseverance too, we have to give time enough to the ingredients for mix them in a correct form, we haven't to pressure the things.

And then, when the ambient is ready, we add the coffee, all the coffee, in all their forms, and the best of them, the Kalhúa and hot coffee, in the shaker.

Shaken with energy, and pour the liquid into a martini glass, making a double filter method. Garnish with a cinnamon stick... and voilà...

Are you coming for coffee?

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