viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011

Mezcal Avocado... Mezcal, you and me.

 Dear diary:
I write you today because I want you share with me this sweet feeling. A delicious and rare flavor, an elixir for many people and a wish for another ones, this aroma called, freedom.
MMmmm!!! I don’t know what’s on the environment today, but the air’s breathing better.

I was oppressed by something for so long time. That thing didn’t allow me to take a bit of air. What’s horror, to be  on tenterhooks!! This constant routine added with external pressures, inevitable  second, possible to handled the first.
Oh, diary! Yesterday I decided to stop the time for a moment... better two, and silence those external pressures. Reconsider and realize that I push the already weakened heart. And above all, make the determination of this pain comes to an end.
And today, finally, I have decided to break with all. Break the routines, the rules, and taste this delicious elixir, this freedom.
MMMMMmmmmmm!! But, how nice I can breathe so! I make a break to urge you to try it.
Dear diary. I have been writting you about my great hidden secrets for so long time. And we still haven’t made appropriate presentations. And this is the perfect moment to do it. I want to explain you who am I, why am I here, and why am I want to go where I want be.
What can I say about me? As there is no other like me, unique in my species. Somebody not be able  to express feelings at first sight.
The first impression that, in general, people have of me is,                                          ....................., nothing, absolutely nothing, I concluded that, in the most Darwinian style, I have developed a system to supress all emotion, if we also add my tactic of interacction with society, “ The ostrich strategy” ( When I'm in a situation of threat, or in unfamiliar territory, searching for place to hide the head).
Well, you can imagine the shell that I carry.

Few, very few people dare to look that is behind the armor I wear... And, according to them, I’m not like the first thing that you could see. Nobody can imagine what’s behind this wrapper tissue that I weave around me... Well, precisely that’s inside myself, it’s me.
I’ve got it! How do I define myself? I'm like the mezcal
An spirit that, as well as typical drink from Oaxaca ( Mexico) and made from different types of agaves, is the perfect drink for pass the great and bad moments.
An ancient beverage, that until recently was in exile in oblivion. With dull appearance, that only who dare to try it can enjoy with the happiness that  the mezcal has got. Nobody knows why, but they feel an odd wellness feeling and state of grace when they know its flavor and aroma.
What can I say about I left? I appreciate what you have given me, and grateful heart is. I’m an human, I don’t forget many moments, friends, laughter... good times in short, that I only could have  lived beside you.
But, today I realized that the rest of my life starts now, and it starts so far away from here. Each change to come, have to leave certain things behind, no matter how dear they are.
I must to be firm with the determination to turn the page, because now I start to write a new one.
Uuufff!!! Too much air makes me thirsty. So, excuse me for a minutes, I’m going to  make a cocktail, and of course I invite you to taste it.
Well, let me see... Great, I’ve got it! An Mezcal Avocado, a cocktail created by Junior Merino, from New York. Where in 2006 founded The Liquid Chef, a liquid lab made to learn and show the world the Junior Merino’s work, and his high knowledge about spirits, and flavors, and the mixing posibilities.
The ingredients:
Scorpion Mezcal, in other words, it’s me. Although many people knows me better than others, there’s something remains immutable, my essence. Insipidus outside, but you can't stop, at least know, what is behind that gray layer.
Agwa, coca leaves liqueur. the Bolivian coca leaves are selected and send to Amsterdam, where are crushed to remove the coca’s alkaloids. Then are added guarana and ginseng, for contribute an exotic taste.
Energy vitality to accept the new steps that are to come into my life.
Cointreau. One of the quintessential orange liqueur. Vitamin C, I don’t need it, but sure I can give you this vitamin that you need.
Fresh lemon juice. An acid touch, because I realize it isn’t easy what is looming, and increasingly is, there in the horizon of my destiny.
Agave nectar. The healthier alternative to sugar, no excess sweetness synthetic. The best way to start a stage without veils. With accurate and firm steps.

Honey. Other good alternative to sugar. Because that’s life, never stagnate, always go ahead.
Avocado. Although it looks a rare ingredient for a cocktail. Avocado is the best ingredient to get a high quality of life thanks to its properties.
We rimmel the high ball glass with nopal’s deshydrated salt. A typical Mexician vegetable, with many properties for the health, among them, to help control diseases such as lung, diabetes... We must to have present that’s the real life could be hard. And any help that we'll be weak. Have a clear goal and go for it without stopping to look at the sides.
We add all the ingredients into the mixer, and mix until smooth.
We put the liquid into the glass, and garnish with a bail leaf, it used since ancient times to give welfare to our destination.
How to express that I know that I belong from here?
Because there is little to leave behind me nor do I reject.
I don’t know, maybe you call it instict, unconsciousness maybe... I would like to call intuition, because I just know, for sure, you need somebody, and I'm such person. This is where I start to write this new blank page that opens before me.
And so, I drink little by little this Mezcal Avocado. Step by step, I set the pace, but I go into my future firmly.

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