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"Spontaneity". A tale of prince, princess... and frogs.

Are you sick of kissing frogs? Tired that prince and princess become frogs, to live in a constant disenchantment.
It could be any story, although it could be your story, because it tells about daily things of life. So my guest for this moment, you pay attention me, let me try that something move inside you... your heart.
At first, like in all good story, a good start to present all the characters.

The prince or princess: These is the person that the star ( you) has just idealized. The person who brush the ethereal, he/she hasn’t got deffects, all is absolutely marvelous in he/she. Any discordant note cloud his appareance. The star adores the prince.
It doesn’t care if the prince are curt and austere, his quality are on maximum grade.
There are 60 ml. of gin. And without further ado, I choose Junipero Gin, made in San Francisco, a gin with a great purity where the dry taste is the predominant... And the main reason, only the person that tastes it, knows it.
The frog: To this character, many people get it by different ways.
Usually, the people was born with frog form and I doesn’t care the number of kisses you could give him, because it doesn’t change his form.
And Sometimes, the prince become a frog, probably, the prince allways was a frog, and with time the star know about the  wart of the prince, and the start begin to litsen the typical croak. I have got the real theory tha the frog essence allways was present into the prince, he could hide it, but soon or later the essence get to go to the exterior.
We only must to garnish, garnish and more garnish... And let the time pass. And we must to try different combinations, taste and look the prince over differents points of the prisme. 
We could garnish, for example, with 30 ml of Velvet Falernum, a simple syrup from Barbados, tradicionally using to get more flavor to rum cocktails. But Velvet Falernum has been rediscovering for mixology because is a perfect garnish to many other beverage, like gin or bourbon.
The Velvet Falernum gives lime, almond, ginger and cloves aromas to your cocktails.
The kisses: Although there aren’t present into the story as much as amount the two first charecters, there are essential too, because there are into the story, although it’s only a moment, or a dash.
The kisses of this story are:
One kiss is a risk, a flavor that we’re tasting on every cocktail that we make. We give kisses because we want to do it, and with them we give a bit of ourselves to somebody.
Of course, there are too many kind of kisses. And the sort of kisses of our story, are the next:
The First kiss, 2 pcs of Shisu leafs. Essential ingredient in orienta cuisine, for its characteristic flavor, smooth, strong and fresh at the same time. It’s a popular belief that the shisu leafs protect our organism of intoxications.
Oriental philosophy, zen attitude for external attacks. Accept the risk, allways with sure steps, you mustn’t get frightened for any wart that we could find on the way. And, although in appearance, we can’t show this self-confidence, it doesn’t care, the most important thing is recognize it in ourselves, and it go outside only at the correct moment. 
The Second kiss, two dashes of Peychaud’s Bitters. The bitter kiss of the truth, there are these kisses which we bring with all our illusion, where we put all our heart in it, and then these are as bitter as the Peychaud..
Peychaud’s Bitter was created on 1830 by the chemist Antoine Amédée Peychaud, in New Orleans. It's like Angostura Bitter, but Peychaud has got a softer flavor than Angostura. These bitters have got a high alcoholic graduation. Peychaud’s bitter was created like a medicine, the same of Angostura, due to its high bitter notes, it become in a essential and traditional ingredient in cocktails.
The Third kiss, 25 ml. of fresh lime juice, the freshly flavor of these rogue kisses, in other words, the funny play of seduction, that apport us, vitality, illusion, definitely they are a part of the oil’s life.
And, the Fourth and last kiss of this story, a dash of sesame oil, the best medicine for miocardial dicesases... Perfect! A touch of sesame for our broken heart, because we must to start to careless it, and the best we must to start ourselves.
And here’s the story, one about princes, frogs and kisses:
When it comes to kissing, it should to be noted that’s a singular risk. Because we put a piece of our heart at the mercy of others. Somebody put more, sombody put less, the truth is most of us have ever been tired of kissing frogs.
At first, everybody looks like handsome princes or sweet princess that they dazzle us with their charms. They make us see mirages and we give our kisses with no doubt an instant, but, once given the kiss, we have got a high possibility that all charming and sweetness become on another thing, very different than the beginning...
Faced with such high dishonor, many of us say the same phrase, something like that: “ Never again!”. By this way we close our broken heart, we refuse to give a kiss again, Without realizing that by this way our heart becomes unsociable. It’s very probably our heart never will be hurt by other people, but I ensure you it isn’t more devastating than to live with a heart which is dying by seconds and we don’t make something to avoid it, because in it grow a potion that finally runs over our body and soul.
For this cases, tells the leyend the best thing is a concoction, and what’s better than a cocktail, like this Spontaneity, created by Alex Kratena from Artesian Bar, in Langham Hotel, London.  Now I’ll make an interruption to say it was a pleasure to meet Alex, not only for enjoying with his cocktails, but his simpaty... So, pleased to meet you, Alex!
Well, comming back to the drink, Spontaneity, perfect for this strong moments, because it contents all the characters of this story, the goods and the bads, all mixed in perfect balanced. 
So, we add all the ingredients unless the sesame oil, in a shaker with ice... And, shake well, then we pour the drink into a chilled martini glass. Finally garnish, and then the repart is complete, float ( a dash) of sesame oil.
So now, you drink it, drink it, instead I try to make understand to your rough heart, There isn’t bad without good. The bad things, if any time ago was a good thing, you've worthed  to live it, although it’s passed only a moment.
So you don’t close your heart and kiss again, although they last only an instant, they make it worth having met you.
Psst, psst, I haven’t finished yet... Although you can’t believe it, I know many people have rejected your kisses, but... maybe there’s somebody who dies for one of your kisses.

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