martes, 25 de enero de 2011

If the life gives you lemons... enjoy with a Whisky Fizz in textures

That we insist to follow the constant happyness state, it's inevitable. But the life, sometimes, and in more occasions that we want, gives us many lemons. This is one of the taxs that we must to pay by the fact to be alive.

Of course we would like to live into happyness state for tiemeless. An environment where anything, and anybody interfere in our peaceful lifes, our eternally calm lifes... eternally tranquil lifes... but, what's boring! Are you sure you like it? Would is it better to say that everybody inculcate us to wish it?

I can ensure with absolute certainly is, anybody become to be happy with plenty. And this is one of the big pains of the societies throughout history. Many people live all life into the most of the bitterness, because thea wait anxious the big happiness. And they anaware of the little momments of happyness that they sacrifice fot wait the big happyness.

If anything, it has been served for me all the experiences that I acumulate in my existence. It's for learn me that the happyness will be supply us in very little portions; and almost always in the rarest form.

And for more we can try to avoid it, the life will give us lemons... too many lemons.

And, what can we do with those lemons? Well, you can advantage it, because it's no time for waste the lemons.

The basic idea is, when we have got lemons, we try to change our positions, change our direction, change our concepts, definetily, we must to try give dinamism to our lifes.

I puspose you to the liquid become gelly, foam, air.

We must to change our perspective of the things, look the life from differents sides of the prism. And with this way, we can taste lemons in a refreshing and smooth form.

It's essential for the acid taste of lemon become in a pleasure for our palate, we must to combinate it with the correct ingredients.

So my personal purpose for this time is, if the life gives you lemons; make a Whisky Fizz in textures. Where the lemon combines in perfect harmony with the rest of ingredients, and in a special way, too.

A Whisky Fizz in textures for enjoy it and you take the life with other way.

Something to take into account is, all the ingredients must to have added in exact proportions, like a math formula it was, for the reaction of chemist elements, those must to be present in ther exact measure.

. Whisky Fizz's gelly:

  • 25 ml of lemon juice. The element that we must to live toguether all of our lifes. And we must learn to combine the lemons with the rest of ingredients that the environment will supply us, if we want to get a balanced life.

  • 35 ml of sugar syrup, for start to sweeten the acid ambient that the lemons have created.

  • 170 ml Perrier Water. It knows as the mineral sparkling water per excellence. With a nice taste, digestive and toning. It specially has indicated for this cocktails, because makes an easily diggestion.

  • 0,5 ml sodium citrate ( Citras). Go to correct the pH! It's added to get stabilished all the reactions, we must to get an stabilish pH, between 4-10. And the sodium citrate helps us to get it!

  • 2 gr gellan. Gelling ofr at the time when you take a decission to change your perspective, you can maintain a sure decissionn. The gellan let to obtain a firm gel with a clearly cut, and conserve the taste very well.

  • 110 ml Oak Cross from Compass Box Whisky. One of the master ingredients to alleviate the lemons.What's the better form to enjoy of a great moment, that take a time for ourselves and tastering a great whisky. And what's better than a Compass Box Whisky. In Compass Box Whisky make a wide of scottish whiskies. Where they choose the best whiskies from the best destilleries. And all of them are made with craft methods, and aged into oak casks of the best quality. Between their varieties, they have got malts, blended and grain whisky. All are a very balanced whiskies, with a big purity and smooth on the flavor. And of course, OAK CROSS, a single malt scotch whisky. With a very smooth taste with vanilla and clove notes. A discreet seduction hidden into the characteristic and mischievousness scent of the clove. We face up to the life with ease and picaresque, and so, avoid the lemons' acidity.

. Passion fruit foam's gelly:

  • 50 ml of white egg. Like I mentioned on before posts. We must to put egg to face up the life... to get foam.

  • 12,5 ml of St. Germain. The only elderflower liquor on the world. Elderflower, perfect! For purify us from inside of us, for take new ways with energy. And all fo this with a smooth taste, frutal, and sweet without tired... in one word, delicious!

  • 12,5 ml of passion fruit puree. With relax effects. It's a big help for our damage heart. Just we need, a powerful energetic that it eliminate the heavy load of the past, for give a chance to the future.

  • A dash of sugar syrup. Everything, always in a sweet way. As with sweetness we can get many things. And it's a more ensure way than with hostility.

  • 1 gr of sodium citrate.

  • 0,5 gr of Agar Agar. Thermorreversible gelling, so it always come back to its original form. We must to remain when we have found an objetive. Straight to the objetive, but always we're adapting to the environment.

. Air of St. Germain: That's the purify, the delicacy and the softness, float in the air.

  • 110 ml of water.

  • 250 ml of St. Germain.

  • 1,7 gr of sucre, derived from sucrose.

The presentation of this Whisky Fizz on textures is:

we put whisky gelly in the base of the special desing for such cocktails glass, we put up the passion fruit foam gelly, and for finish we put the St. Germain air on the top.

Gelly, foam and air, three differents textures. Three opposite perspectives, toguether in this cocktail, like a perfect gear, they have sinchronized that it let us a steroscopic view of life. And so, any lemon can win us.

You know, Whisky Fizz in textures... and enjoy it, that we only being here for two days. Not worth to lose more time counting lemons. Make something with them and go on with optimism.

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