lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

A " Promissory Note", please... A stiff drink.

I need a stiff drink!

Ahh!! These moments in which if anybody poke us, they couldn’t get even a drop. Moments in which the life brings us a sharp blow, a disappointment. Or simply, situations that are beyond our knowledge, that produce us a great impotence because we can’t know hot to deal wiht them.

These cases invite us to sit, to take a break in the world, to assimiltate what’s happening around us. In this cases, I would like to drink a strong cocktail, a drink that apports us energy and postivity, that brings up... I have it! A “Promissoty Note” cocktail, created by Daniel Hyatt, from Alembiq Bar. It’s a short but strong drink, with good body. And, while I stop my world, and I taste this cocktail, I want to give you some suggestions about how to take those moments that leave us in one piece.

An ideal ingredient for such situations, ginger. With a spicy flavor and smell, exotic and aromatic, and there is a good organism stimulant too, and there let the body temperature higher, and many different health benefits... This just we need in such hard moments, when we don’t know what to do.

And without further delay:

For you, because I can’t understand you, maybe you can’t understand me. Or just, because we want to understand. Let me take a sit and drink this, "Promissory Note”.

Personally, something that escapes my hands in a disproportionate, my interaction with the environment. For more than I think looking for reasons and theories, I concluded that I’m overlooking something... Is this issue was in college and I didn’t attend that day? When we were coming world with a book that I lost and don’t remember where I left?...

But to go with the cocktail because I want to start to taste it. The Promissory Note recipe are:

1 Part of Domaine de Canton. A French ginger liqueur, inspired by the French tradition of strengthen and fresh sweet e

lixir with BRANDY or cognac, in this case,

the alcoholic base are VSOP and XO cognacs. Its name was inspirated by Canton, in colonial Indochina.

In this liquor elitist, is made in an absotutely craft, is achieved merge the mistery and sensuality of the East, with the European romanticism; and it seasons with essences of the five continents. It’s made with fresh Vietnamese ginger, half caramelize and half raw, in other way, macerated with honey from Provence, vanilla of Haití, Tunisian ginseng, among other exotic herbs.

Domaine de Canton is a liqueur with its own personality, that will give to cocktails a wide range of flavors and sensations... It provides different ways of understanding life. Other views and specially a personal touch to do it.

Open your mind to tolerate to all around us, but to some extent. It will I have little patience, or simply because I have already

endured enough. But the truth, it’s I’m not for foolishness. And as much as you ornament and put translucent veils of reality; This one won’t longer be there... And very little that you like, I can tolerated. But I can say “ Stop!” and “ I don’t like this one”.

3/4 Part. of Reposado El Tesoro Don Julio Tequila. A soft and exquisite tequila with wood notes. According to the law regulating the tequila, for ti to be considered “ Reposado” must be aged a minimum

of two months in barrel.

Don Julio Reposado El Tesoro Tequila is aged between eight and eleven months is oak barrels. This tequila is distingueshed perfectly the essence of agave, that’s harmoniously blended with floral notes.

Its initial taste is very smooth, and it will take the body in the mouth due to its strong sweetness, which is shaded by oak and alcohol.

Tequila, the only alcoholic beverage no depressive. Positive attitude towards all adversity.

That one’s gorge to sweet lies, it doesn’t matter, I have got enough sanity to see the reality.

You only want to me to listen your problems, it doesn’t matter, I’ll find someone to share good times and forget problems.

That I sin of surly and frivolous, because I tell you I can’t believe your lies and that you’ll hold another... Yes, maybe. I’m what I am, what’s up? At least, I’m more me and less like the rest.

3/4 Part of vermouth seco. Without brand, It doesn’t care ts procedence, and the part of yourself where get out; but determination.. If

something doesn’t like you, or it doesn’t convince , you mustn’t to settle.

Seek and pursue what you really want, never settle. The best way to achieve our goals.

A barspoon of honey. Never let you down failure. Don’t look like tripping obstacles,

Always be yourself, without stepping on anyone.

A dash of absinthe. Yes, this one, to finish with strength and madness, it lets us to cope with the reality.

Production method, into mixing glass, stir and serve in a cocktail glass. A lime Squeeze and spirnkle cinnamon, cool humor, acid and suggestive; a recurrent form to take the things.

Garnish with a radish slice, because it’s the cruel reality, I care you a damm.


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