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Sweet Moai: almost an angel.

Let me be carried allon the pesimism on my environvent. For this time, I make myself the next question, what are the six worst things that it could happen me in only one day?

And plunging me into the prevalling negativity in the ambient, I concluded.................

...........Hi! Is there anybody there?... Well, at first I present myself, I’m Ciro. Before to begin, I want to say sorry to interrupt the author of this blog. But I assure you, nobody better than me to write about the five worst things that could happen in only one day.

I forgot to say a little detail, I’m dead. A few days ago I left the living world, and well, now I’m not sure how to define myself. I guess I’m kind of celestial body, or something like this. I’m alive, I’m sure about that, but I don’t know if I’m in heaven or hell, or in the middle. In fact, I¡m not even sure of my time in this state... there are the things of eternity.

Like the girl who I just interrupted, I’ve always been passionate about cocktails and mixology. So, following her action protocol, I invite to anyone who wants to read this story, to taste an ideal cocktail for the occasion, a Sweet Moai.

The Sweet Moai Cocktail was created by Alessandro Paiva, from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. And the author’s blog “ Cocktail pour mes amis”, where further explains and describes his creations, unique and fascinating all of them, in a very original way.

Returning to the cocktail that I want you to try. There are two features that attracted me to it. The first one, its alcohol base, the pisco, exactly; The Capel Moai Reserve Pisco. This chilean pisco, this drink is made from muscatel pisco grapes and aged in american oak. It is

amber intense color, fruity aroma and hints of wood. Something characteristic of this pisco is its bottle, which emulate a Moai statue. typical from Pascua Islands. It’s believed tha the Polinesian inhabitants between the s. XII and s. XVII, built these representing their deceased ancestors, so they project their among their offspring. It’s me.

The second one, there are two cocktails in one. The good things vs. the bad things, intertwined as if they were one. Two different ways to face the same issue. This is what I want to expose.

The ingredients of this cocktail are:

2 oz. of Capel Moai Reserve Pisco.

6 oz of juice.

1/2 oz of lime juice.

3 coffee spoons of sugar.

* We’ll make two kind of juices, to present two cocktails with the same base into two tasting

glasses. One of them, with blackberries and plums, high antioxidant

power, and perfect combination of sweet and sour taste slightly sweet and nice one.

And the other one, with pear and pinneapple; Vitamin C, the symbol of elegance and hospitality. together with a sweet, delicate and smooth.

Now we have got the cocktail, so, let us go. Don’t waste so much time to complain, and you take the time to seek a solution.

As for tastes there is nothing written. To each one chooses either the most delicious. Well, take first the less you feel like... Let’s go! Taste it instead I tell you the day when I passed the five worst things in only one day... All of them in only one day!

I remember when I still lived, I was a pesimist person. Now, when I can see the energy given off by living, I could say than I gave off negative energy by every pore of my skin. I collapsed for any little thing, to interrupt my monotonous and structured life. I was always complaining about everything. Without realizing, the only thing I was getting with this repeat attitude, was to attract more negative energy of the bouncing. And that’s what happened that day...

“ I woke up startled because of a nightmare. My heart beat to 1000 per hour,

(... Oh! How I miss that feeling!... Well, let’s go!)... How I hated waking up because of a nightmare! At next, I checked my watch to see how much was for it to sound the

alarm... HORROR!!! There was nine o’clock in the morning! Just the hour when I should be at work for an very important meeting, because my future in the company depended on it... The alarm had not sounded!... How I hated waking up and realizing that I had fallen asleep.

I jumped out of bed, I went to the bathroom as fast as I could and... Nooooo!! I had cut the water. How I hated go to take a shower in a hurry and don’t have got water!

I managed me the best I could and I rushed to work. To see what he could salvage from the meeting. I really don’t know what speed was, but I arrived in record time.

Upon entering, there I found the faces of my bosses. Uf! I still hurts to remember those factions tenses, to frown, without outlining the slightest smile... Yes, you can imagine it. They dismissed me, in a company like that couldn’t allow so great lack of responsability and discipline. I wasn’t worthy of belonging to its team.

Well so I went, cursing this day, which should not have gotten out of bed.

I got in the car and left the place, where I had spent sweat and tears. I went home, with the day I wore was the best option, be covered for any other adversity. Here I wait for Marta, my girlfriend, came back to grieve at home. I opened the door, and, how strange! I could hear noises in the bedroom. The first thing I thought, thieves, what I needed!! As I walked cautiously into the room, I rule out that possibility, because I didn’t believe that thieves were so noisy. When I reached the door, I breathed deeply, I took the plunge, I turned the doorknob, and... But, but, Marta!? Alvaro!? Marta and Alvaro!? But what does this mean? To which Marta replied, “ Weren’t you in a meeting?” , and then Alvaro said, “ Dear friend, this isn’t what it seems”. I felt a mixture of anger and impotence... honestly, I felt stupid. The only thing I thought was out of this place...

I left my home. I climbed into my car, and I drove aimlessly. I can’t remember well the time spent. I stopped in front of a bar, and I came into this. I sat at the bar and ordered a drink.

I dedicated to look every people around me, I needed to entertain my thoughts... “ Certainly”, I thought, “ Look who is clumsy the waitress!!”, I didn’t finish to think it, when the waitress dropped the drink over my cool jacket, my new jacket... Useless, she had left it useless!! ... The bartender, he was waiting at the scene, and noted the state of tension in which I was. So he began to wonder...

I saw the doors open! Someone to relieve my pains... I cried, I continued to cry... and continued.

Finally the bartender invited me to a cocktail, a “Sweet Moai”... “ But, what is this cocktail? What is it mean?”. The bartender answered me, “ It’s an special cocktail, because there are two cocktails in one. I want to show you something. Drink both, and then tell me which you chosen at first time, and which in second time”. I accept and I took them both by a single shot, and then I answered him, “ At first time I drunk which taste like pinneapple, at first sight the less I liked it. And at second time, I drunk the blackberry tasted, the most atractive for me.

To which he replied, “ And if you try to take it backwards? Like in life, you should try to see the positive side of things. Or at least not sweat into the negative things. Don’t waste

so much time to complain, and take the time to seek a solution, or at least another option. Thus, you start to attract positive energy to you. If you always test first evil, only in a few moments you could try the positive flavor, because you have been the bad aftertaste... Is a better way to take life. Don’t you think?”

What a brunch of crap, I thought it. So I weht to that place where it was clear I couldn’t continue crying.

I got into my car, again. And runaway at full speed. Let’s go! I would say to me just anyone how to take life, just what I need to finish the day. I know exactly how to face life. In adition, what stupid way to give life lessons with a cock.... BOOOMMMM!!!!!

I was so focused on complaining about the “ Sweet Moai”, I didn’t see the truck that threw over me.

Obviously, I didn’t survive.

And, from that moment, I realized all the wasted moments, of all the fears that I imposed. All I realized that everything that happens in life has a solution. Everything but death, sorry have realized too late..............

...... Hey! What hapenned? Oh, oh, I think I lost the saints to heaven. As much as I try, I can’t remember the topic I wanted to write...

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