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Negroni... SOS: I need a singal

It’s a very complicated topic to express our feelings. I could write pages and pages, expressing my opinion, writting stories. But when it comes to feelings... Wow! That’s is another story, maybe we should have to be made a special paste to express feelings easily. I must to recognize that to put my heart on third hands, it should be the age things, but older becomes one, it’s hardest. And it isn’t selfishness, and it isn’t neglect. Just I’m tired, that everybody make it smithereens, every time I open it and starts beating.

We live surrounded by signals, all around us are issued without us noticing. And I don’t know if this also happens to you ,but, sometimes, we met with people who don’t emit signals. It produces me a great bewilderment. And I’m on this state at the moment, for this reason, I tell you I need a signal.

When our feelings are at stake, in almost all times the words fall short. Or simply they are accumulated in our heads, unable to go outside. Personally, when I get the courage to show outside these words that cost me to pronounce, I’d like to emphasize them

with metaphors, for eample, with cocktails, drinks... and flowers. So this is my way of giving life to the feelings.

For example, a Negroni, but it isn’t a vulgar negroni, this is my Negroni, because I finally gathered the courage to tell you that, I need a sign.

This is my Negroni, where the classic and the modern are unified. A perfect harmony, to make you know that my kingdom for a glance of your eyes. I only need to feel the soft breath of you on my skin to make me fell

alive. I can’t imagine I’d feel with the touch of your fingers on my skin.

This is a charming cocktail, created earlier 1919, in Florence, at Cassoni Cafe, by the barman Fosco Scarcelli. Who created the negroni for the asking of Count Camilio

Negroni, because he was tired of his favorite cocktail, the Americano cocktail.

The ingredients of this special Negroni, are:

Geranium Gin: A gin created by Henrik Hammer, who, after many studies have succeeded in extracting the essential oils of geranium, and combinate it with the juniper, lemon, coriander, cassis, angelica, licuorice, between other botanicals.

Destilled in Birmingham, in Langley Distillery. Henrik has achieved an amazing gin,

with the exact touch of London Dry Gin, but with discreets notes of geranium; so it becomes a aromatic, round and complex, definetly.

Geranium to tell you that I like you over all things; I would give everything I own because your eyes were for me, for a kiss from you.

Campari: With bitter taste, as bitter is the expected, with this quiet around me.

Campari, characteristic passion red color, is a recipe which has remained unchanged since its creation, which is jealously hidden, only few people know the exact ingredients, its between 20 and 60 ingredients.

And so quiet, in many times I only want to scream, for at least hear my echo, and know I continue in the alive world, and I don’t if in the sane world yet.

For this reason, because it was so long ago maddening unbearable stillness, because I need some movement. for such reason, I ask you a signal.

Carparo Antica Formula:

The ideal sweet aperitive, to make classical cocktails. “ The red velvet” called too. Place skin-deep emotions, risking my neck under the guillotine, that only you can operate. But I’ll take the risk, because I want that you know I’m dying to have something with you.

Some of the ingredients of this aperitive are vanilla, spices, nuts, orange peel and a few tabasco notes. A gorgeous and original mix witha spicy touch. Definetily a lush and unabashed temptation. So let your imagination runs free and send me a singal.

The method of preparation... At the bottom, I’m a classic girl and I like things the old way, but with a little personal touch. In old fashioned glass, with two ice cubes maximum, sgtraight into

the glass, you add all the ingredients in the same proportion. Garnish with a lemon slice... Well, no, wait, I think it’s better with a modern,

minimalism and discret touch... the most suggestive way of seducind... A pinch of dried crystals sprinkled Campari.

Well, this is my signal, my way to ask you... yes, yes, it’s you, although you don’t know, or we never have seen us, I refer specifically to you; no, nooo... don’t turn your head looking for anybody around you... I need your signal!

So, let your imagination runs free, take value and, PLEASE, send me a singal.

My signal is the Negroni, what’s your signal?

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