martes, 12 de abril de 2011

The stig... Please, outta here!!!

Who has not ever felt the urgent need to shout: “ Please. Outta here!!!”.
All of us have passed these inevitable stages of life in which we would like to runaway. Start  running and don’t stop until we were away from where we are stuck.
Those stages in our monotonies daily , which until recently gave us shelter, start to be a real nightmares.
Times in which we realiza that today is the same like yesterday, and we are sure tomorrow won’t be different next day.
Have you ever imagined to be feeling those little dolls that are in those glass balls filled with water, and when you shake it seems that snow inside?
It must be distressing, be there in the middle of nowhere, where nothing happens, everybody can see you but nobody can look that you may be feeling, and they can't see the despair's running through your veins; and to top, none of those who see you, have any intention to lend a hand to get out of there. Everybody shake and shake this damn ball where you’re condemned to live... It’s awful, with what I dizziness!... The maximum phrase that it could runs through their heads is: “ Outta here!!”.

One way to alleviate the despair is create a imaginary world, it’s  a way to flight of this nightmare that has become life, and dream that someday the tide will change, someone breaks the glass ball that has become our routine.

And to imagine is what this story.
Imagine that there was a cocktail when we drink it, had the property to take away from here... Yes, I know that it seems a stupid thing that I’m exposing, but... if it could be possible?
The bartender serves you a cocktail with a letter with the next phrase: “ Drink me”, and when we drink it... pronto! Having the opportunity to go away of this ball and live., although we fail it, although it’s a mistake. Because the life consists on the next: to go out and make mistakes, take risks. Lose to win.
And many people need that push of magic, to take the first step toward the rest of their lives, if they don’t want to get caught in a reality dissatisfied.
A magic cocktail... Let me see, let me see, uumm... I have it! The Stig,, 

a cocktail created in 2006, by Simon Difford, The Cabinet Room, London. At first time is named “St-G”, by the St. Germain liquor’s cap. And then it was named “ The Stig”, by the misterious pilot of TV serie “ Top Gear”.
The Stig, a cocktail with a special brand, so sure that is what has something magical for get us out of here.
The ingredients of this magic cocktail are:
3/4 oz of Boulard Grand Solage Calvados: Yes, sir! The perfect ingredient that we need to become magical cocktail.
Imagine... Normady, north of France. A place where the grapes no growth... but they have got apples!! Because where a door closes, always a window opens, We just have to look for windows, and take the value to go across.
In 1825, Pierre- Auguste Boulard, founded a distillery, Boulard, one of the most famous wineries producing Calvados.
Calvados is an spirit, tasty and aromatic. Of which four different varieties: sweet, bitter, bitter-sweet, and acid.
The Pays d’Auge district, is considered like the best production zone of Calvados.
The harvest time is in October-December. Once collected, and after a completely handmade and slow process, the Calvados is obtained.
The Calvados is aged in oak barrels, Boulard is requirement, store the Calvados three years minimum. Although it’s aged for more time. Finally is blended with Calvados of different age to obtain, the complex, deeply and character that we want.
Tells the leyend, Calvados is a decline of “ saved”. The story tells that a Felipe II’s Armada ship ( El Salvador), which is shipwrecked on the Noram coast. The name of Calvados is designed to two mounds that servin as a reference for  sailors.
3/4 oz of Macchu Pisco: Made with a non-aromatic breaks grape variety. Also prepared respecting ancient methods. This pisco wants to spread the spirit of adventure that’s inspired. Because, what’s the life without adventure? It has got an easy answer, the nightmare that we have made it.
1 oz of St. Germain: Unique elderflower liquor. Also prepared following a traditional formula, where the elderflowers and white grape spirit are mixed. This singular flower, has got an aroma and taste delicious. Strangely enjoyable, this flower please the most demanding palates. And, the most remarkable, the cleansing properties of the elderflower. In front of changes, the cleansing is the first step, break with the past to start a new future.
Of course, St. Germain liquor is a real elixir that can carry you far away than your imagination can let you go.
1 oz of Sauvignon Blanc wine: This strain produces dry white wines with soft and medium body, and balanced acid. Persistent on nose and mouth.
Although there are discret wines, and somthing common for some. They make that you love their fresh senses.
Method of preparation as follows:
Stir all the ingredients in a mixing glass with ice, to cool and mix the ingredients over and over again. Serve into a martini glass. Garnish with a lime twist, cool, cool, and more cool. Because this is the best way to face up to life.

.... And if it’s true... I oxygen is scarce in this world of glass. This, my world, where nothing happens, where I can’t ear... where I can’t feel... Oh, my God!... Please, somebody invite me to The Stig!!.

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